2 Exciting Projects in the Works at PARIS

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Olation, PowerAnalytics

Here at PARIS, our skilled developers are always pounding away at new innovations.  We recently released a new product, Time Manager Live, which represents much of what our team has been hard at work developing. If you haven’t checked it out, it is definitely worth a look–Time Manager Live.  It captures work and project time via an Outlook calendar add-in, making life (and invoicing!) a lot easier.

As for the title of this post, what is in the works here at PARIS?

  1. PowerAnalytics for QuickBooks
    Some of you may know that PowerAnalytics was originally designed, marketed and sold specifically for SAP Business One users.  Now we are developing that same easy-mapping-of-accounts for QuickBooks users.

We recognize that many mid-size companies run entirely on QuickBooks, even though QuickBooks was originally designed for small businesses.  What our offering provides is the ability to scale up a company that is starting to out-grow their QuickBooks implementation.  It empowers that growing company with the kind of data access and analytics that larger, competitive companies need.

The second exciting thing being developed here at PARIS:

  1. FRx Replacement Software via Olation technology 

This capability is so new, we haven’t even officially named it yet! But, what I can tell you is that from the technology we have developed for Olation, we will soon be able to offer a replacement, and vast improvement, for FRx Software users.

After having perused some of the FRx Documenation, I can safely say, FRx Replacement via Olation is SO much simpler, smarter, and user-friendly.  If you are knee deep in FRx, or using something that works just like it, this offering will change your work life for the better.

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Curious about PowerExcel Personal?

PowerExcel Personal is a great way to get hands-on with a PARIS product.  You’ll get the most benefit from using it if you connect with us while you try it, so make sure to schedule your free call without support team and get properly installed today!