Unlocking the Games: The Power of OLAP Cubes in Sports Analysis

by | Oct 30, 2023 | General BI and Data Management

PARIS Tech and partner David Newton from Newton Carmen have collaborated to create an OLAP model for analysing the 2023 Rugby World Cup.  

Using this data model, full of every Rubgy stat imaginable, we’ve run a video series of over20 different scenarios.  Turns out we were able to predict the South African winners! For the data enthusiasts, these YouTube videos showcase how OLAP cube technology can decode sports data and predict outcomes.  

OLAP, commonly used in Finance, is now making waves in sports analysis. These videos provide insights into the power of OLAP cubes, offering a front-row seat to sports analytics and prediction for the upcoming Rugby World Cup. It’s a must-watch for sports and data enthusiasts.

Follow along with us on the YouTube Playlist 

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