5 Business Intelligence Project Mistakes to Avoid Part 2: Long Business Intelligence Migrations

by | May 21, 2013 | Business Intelligence (BI), Ms Excel, Software

Business Intelligence projects are supposed to offer a quick solution that help organizations to make better informed decisions, attain data security, and discover ways to increase profitability. However, when BI implementations become never-ending, (near-completion projects), they give employees more work than usual. Sometimes setting in frustration coupled with high expenses.

never-ending BI implementations

never-ending BI implementations


To avoid some of the challenges that lead to long BI migrations get your data cleaned up and ready to go before employing the services of a Business Intelligence company. This can save you some of the headache of frustrated users and high expenses. Also prepare employees for the change by providing information on each stage of the process.

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Hellen Oti-Yeboah, Marketing Associate, PARIS Technologies

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