5 Business Intelligence Project Mistakes to Avoid Part 3: Reports that Take Hours to Run

by | May 22, 2013 | Business Intelligence (BI), PowerOLAP, Reporting

Business Intelligence software solution providers usually promise a better reporting system for organizations. If users find themselves in a position where they have to wait for hours, sometimes days, before they can generate a single report or ad-hoc query, they may move back to using spreadsheets or other reporting solutions that work better for them. Time is Money.

Business Intelligence Time Consuming Process

Business Intelligence Time Consuming Process


Find out HOW LONG it takes to run reports when implementing a Business Intelligence software solution. Modern BI solutions deliver ad-hoc queries within seconds while ensuring updated information as waiting for hours can mean outdated reports. PowerOLAP is one such tool which updates information in seconds. Try the FREE LIVE DEMO and unleash the power.

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Hellen Oti-Yeboah, Marketing Associate, PARIS Technologies

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