6 Reasons PARIS Products are for You

by | Jul 7, 2015 | Business Intelligence (BI), Data Management, General BI and Data Management, OLAP, Reporting, Software

PARIS Products are for you if you feel like this


PARIS products are right for you if:

  1. You tried a Big Name solution… and you still have the original problems you were trying to address.
  2. You believe that it is time to evolve the way reporting and budgeting gets done–without throwing away what you know you can do in Excel.
  3. You spent more money than you care to admit to deliver Business Intelligence… and you are getting only a fraction of the ROI you expected.
  4. You recognize that profitability and productivity from your internal reporting and planning systems leaves something to be desired.
  5. You know there are key insights to be obtained from your data, but you only have very limited, painfully slow means to get just a few of them.
  6. You wonder, is there a way for everyone to be on the same team, doing their own job effectively and working for the good of the company?

Do you relate to some of the things listed above?  You might be a prime candidate for a PARIS product, and a PARIS product might just make your life a LOT better.

Our products are designed to handle complicated data tasks that big name solutions don’t.  If you have spent too much time and too much money trying to get what you need with those big names, it may be time to consider PARIS.  If you are forward-thinking and believe there must be a better way to handle corporate reporting and get to higher profitability, reach out to us today.

Get in touch, and tell us which of those reasons is YOUR main reason for reaching out.

Curious about PowerExcel Personal?

PowerExcel Personal is a great way to get hands-on with a PARIS product.  You’ll get the most benefit from using it if you connect with us while you try it, so make sure to schedule your free call without support team and get properly installed today!