The Naked Data Disaster

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Big Data, Data Analysis

While passing by a local store, Wawa, yesterday, I read an article on Philadelphia Inquiry which talked about how the convenience of Google Glass and the superior advantages that it will have on our lives.  The title which appealed to me was: “The Naked Data”, which means after the release of Google Glass, the information age will enlarge enormously since all kinds of data will float into our systems every second.  It seems awesome. However, not all true. When we could have access to any data, but it could also mean we may lose a lot of privacy; more critically, we may face a mass confused unprocessed data disaster, which I will call: “The Naked data disaster.”

What is naked data? It’s quite new and strange; but we can understand it from its opposite meaning: data visualization. Data Visualization has gained popularity recently. According to Wikipedia, Data Visualization is “information that has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information.”  Therefore, naked data should be information that is unprocessed, raw and messy. If we want to obtain real visualized data, it should be organized and formed— it should be meaningful.

Many Business Intelligence (BI) companies offer products to solve big data problems; sync the data across the whole organization in real time; and give “visualized conclusions” to decision makers. In order to do this accurately we devised the Visionary Intelligence technology—beyond Business Intelligence (BI). So, What is Visionary Intelligence (VI)? Visionary Intelligence does not only mean that we can visualize data, which is a very important aspect; it also means that the data we see is organized and processed into meaningful data.

As visualization moves toward delivery via electronic mediums, complex data visualization is increasingly blending into the discipline of user experience design and programming. Business analysts, IT staff and knowledge workers will need more skills designing, building and using fluid, interactive, dynamic visualizations. Visualization needs creativity and drill-down ability. Visionary Intelligence invites us to explore, analyze and discover the inner truth of data, not just copy and capture whatever we see. Real VI will endure touchstones that Excel users, IT gurus and leaders return to for insight, conversation and connection and will essentially avert “The naked data disaster.”


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-Mengyao Xiong, Channel Marketing Coordinator, PARIS Technologies