Dreamkillers – Analyzing the 2023 Rugby World Cup with OLAP Cube Technology

by | Aug 21, 2023 | General BI and Data Management

At PARIS, you may have noticed that recently, we’ve added a touch of fun with the upcoming Rugby World Cup.  We’ve created a Rugby World Cup model with an array of versions, predicting diverse outcomes for matches at different stages of the event.  

In this analysis, we took a look at which teams were the “Dreamkillers,” meaning which were the teams that most often knocked out other teams in the pools and finals.   

Now, in the context of the Rugby World Cup the notion of this analysis may seem unconventional, yet we believe that it proves quite insightful. And it is equally applicable in business as it is in sports analysis.   

Read more about the Dreamkiller Analysis and varied scenarios on our blog on OLAP.com.

Follow along with us on the PARISTechTV YouTube Rugby playlist as we publish new scenarios leading up to the Rugby World Cup.

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