Everyone is a Part of The BI Team

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analysis, General BI and Data Management

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There’s no “I” in team.

In Robert Bates’ article, How to Create Successful Business Intelligence – A Supply Chain Approach to Big Data, he argues that the most important part of implementing a strong BI/Data Analysis plan is to have everyone engaged, not just the technical department. In today’s world, everyone, including consumers, want everything bigger, better and most importantly, faster. Bates makes a great point that in order to work the most efficiently, more businesses need to practice using the “open data” idea. Instead of keeping data separate between departments, it should be open to all employees to allow for better data flow and complete analysis.

Bates says in his article that it is not only a technical change that needs to happen in order to implement this idea of “open data”, but also a cultural change that needs to take place. It makes sense and reminds me of the saying, “two heads are better than one”. The more minds you have to analyze data, the faster and more efficient it will be. This, of course, can not happen overnight and will also require businesses to take small steps towards an “open data” plan. This will eventually allow all employees the opportunity to make decisions and feel like what they say actually matters.

One of the other key components of having a successful BI plan, is to practice the “supply chain” approach, being able to deliver a solution to specific needs. Many businesses now are analyzing past data to see what has happened previously. But what about the present? Or the future? That brings me back to the key fact that everything is today’s world needs to be bigger, better and faster. Businesses want to know what is happening right now and how they can correct it immediately. BI solutions need to be on demand to stay ahead of the competition. Bates states that you must have these 3 components before you are able to deliver your findings similar to a supply chain:

  • A full picture and understanding of the data collected and held by the business
  • The integrity and quality of that data
  • The gaps that exist in the data

It is pretty clear that in today’s BI world, you need to stay one step ahead of the competition and I think if BI businesses are willing to adopt these new data approaches, they just might be able to do it.

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