How to Achieve Maximum Productivity With SAP Business One

by | Oct 26, 2012 | Learning Center, PowerAnalytics

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Many firms try to make do with built in reporting systems, and then end up ‘clerking’ growing mounds of disconnected data in spreadsheets. This is precisely the problem that PowerAnalytics addresses to such powerful effect for users of SAP® Business One. PowerAnalytics fulfills the sophisticated requirements of companies managing general ledger accounts across separate business entities, and their dire need for a consolidated reporting solution.


With PowerAnalytics, it takes minutes to consolidate reports instead of days. Allowing companies to spend more time on value-added activities such as analysis rather than spending time on creating long and tedious company financial reports. PowerAnalytics not only enables significant improvement in staff productivity; but also enables speedy responsiveness to management’s reporting needs. Companies that have implemented PowerAnalytics have gained the competitive advantage by being able to quickly respond to requests for information from managers. Gaining an improvement in staff productivity as a result of increased reporting capabilities: there’s much less time spent clerking data and more time focused on results. PowerAnalytics drastically empowers its users with a tool to achieve outstanding results for time-critical management, sales, SEC and inventory reporting, and budget variance analysis.

Within less than a week of implementing PowerAnalytics firms can have online, dynamic reports that they had not been able to create for months.  Companies can now make the great leap forward with multidimensional reporting, analysis and planning capabilities that PowerAnalytics for SAP Business One provides.

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-Shruti Sahu, Project Management- Marketing Associate, PARIS Technologies

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