PARIS Technologies Launches Time Manager Live™—Timesheet and Project Manager for Microsoft Outlook® Calendars.

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Data Analysis, Reporting, Time Manager Live

Doylestown, PA June 9, 2014.

PARIS Technologies, a leader in business technology innovation today announced the launch of Time Manager Live™—a time, project, and resource management solution that utilizes Microsoft Outlook® for LIVE reporting and automatic timesheet submission.

“Time Manager Live is an evolution to the traditional timesheet system that do not dynamically connect to invoicing systems. We wanted to take away the pain in invoicing, project management and resource management, by making it easy for users to enter time with their Outlook Calendars and have it shown directly in accounting systems such as QuickBooks. This is not like any other Outlook timesheet application!” Noted Eric McVey, Director of Direct Accounts and Professional Services, PARIS Technologies.

Time Manager Live (TML) captures time using Outlook Calendars to improve employee productivity as clock-in-clock-out time and project time can be captured while managing schedules. This transforms traditional Outlook Calendars to time sheets. TML also enables easy resource management for HR and accounting departments.

“Time Manager is simple to use because time entries are as easy as setting up an appointment in an Outlook but it is very powerful for real-time insights.”

Time entered through Outlook is connected in real-time to other external invoicing, payroll and accounting applications such as; QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics among others. Time Manager Lives’ reporting and analytics feature aggregates Outlook Calendar entries into series of smart reports for segmentation, analytics and future planning to allow the businesses operate more efficiently. For more information on Time Manger Live visit

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