How to Solve the Challenge of Multinational Corporation Financial Reporting

by | Oct 4, 2012 | Learning Center, PowerOLAP, Reporting

In today’s global economy it is imperative for companies to keep their doors open to business partners and customers worldwide.  One of the main challenges that global companies face include; the inability consolidate reports and analyze data quickly due to large volume of data.  PowerOLAP eliminates this challenge by updating data automatically, to help speed up the financial reporting and data analyzing process across all departments and locations.

PowerOLAP also provides real-time responsiveness to top management’s reporting need.  Multinational corporations can now get multi-currency reporting much faster. PARIS Technologies’ global correspondents also provide support to companies at their offshore locations.

With multinational corporations the seemingly never-ending exportation of data into Excel spreadsheets for calculations and reports can become really problematic. With the speed of PowerOLAP multinational corporations can gain access to fast, flexible, accurate reporting and increased efficiency through the elimination of manual consolidation steps. PowerOLAP offers user friendly tools to handle the complexities of having different business entities and/or locations.

What are your challenges with financial reporting?

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-Hellen Oti-Yeboah


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