Big Data Doesn’t Have to be So “Big” After All!

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Big Data

In an era where having access to real-time data and analyzing data effectively can push you a step ahead of your competition, it is essential to make the big data process as simple as possible. Data gathered from transactions, to customer service functionally, price, financial, and sales data are all essential to running your business smoothly.

Big data as the name suggests has been made to be quite a complex process. While this assumption may not be completely erroneous, with the right business intelligence tool, big data can be simplified. If you are currently using a big data solutions tool but still find yourself working long hours to get your reports, or if your reporting system is currently not automated, then you are making the data analyzing process more complicated than it should be. The goal when gathering data for reports and analytics is to spend as much time coming up strategies that put you a step ahead of your competition. If you go through so much trouble to get the data and your reports, it may not leave enough time for you to accurately analyze, forecast and make those all-so-important decisions that move your business forward.

With PowerOLAP your skills are leveraged by using the same user-end software that you currently use such as Excel. Cutting out the complexities of using an unfamiliar user-end software, can reduce the time spent contacting IT for help. PowerOLAP helps companies overcome the limitations of Excel on the one hand and accounting systems on the other, at the same time combining their benefits.  Your business intelligence tool should free you from repetitive data entry and working in two dimensions with static data. PowerOLAP’s modeling environment—multidimensional cubes allows companies to work with both.

We believe that big data analytics can be made simple so no matter what business intelligence tool you use that should be the key- sales and financial data through the entire cycle of a project.

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-Hellen Oti-Yeboah

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