Video Series: 2023 Rugby World Cup Predictor

by | Sep 15, 2023 | General BI and Data Management

If you are a rugby fan 🏉🏆: 

You have to check out the Rugby World Cup Predictor video series! 

Built in collaboration with our Partner and Finance expert, David Newton of Newton Carmen, we’ve created a cool Rugby World Cup Predictor model.  

The predictor uses PowerExcel and a scenario planning model, similar to what an FP&A team might use for planning financial scenarios. Instead of finance details, we are using it for Rugby World Cup analysis! 

Watch the video to see how we are using OLAP cubes to decode sports data and predict outcomes.  If you happen to be a rugby enthusiast interested in cutting-edge technology and sports analytics, this is the video for you! 

If you follow along, you’ll see Gareth Jones, our resident FP&A expert at PARIS Tech present each scenario.  

Follow along with us on the YouTube Playlist

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