What Benefits can you expect to see from PowerOLAP?

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You asked, so we answer!

“What benefits can I expect to see from PowerOLAP?

When considering a Business Intelligence tool, the most important thing to ask the solution provider is, “What key benefits will I get from implementing this solution?’

Well, here are the most important ones:

  • Higher Productivity should be a leading concern when investing in a BI solution.  How much time do end users in your department spend consolidating data from different sources and copying from one spreadsheet to another? Or, checking (and re-checking) that the data used in one report is consistent with data used by another user? This is one of the biggest money-wasters within an organization, which results in lower productivity. PowerOLAP has solved this problem. It brings all spreadsheets together in one linked database and remains real-time so that data streams live, at all times.
  • Speed has been one of the top promises from Business Intelligence tools for years now. Today’s solutions are certainly helping companies do more than ever before, but are they enabling companies to reach their full potential?

These are the questions that we challenge you to answer.

1- Does my business move fast enough?
2- Can my users adjust quickly enough?
3- How would your business be impacted if you could adjust 10 times faster?

  • Better Forecast, is the key to gain true insight for better business planning. Business leaders rely heavily on forecasting to create a sense of certainty and predictability in the business planning process. But, have they actually delivered? Today’s solutions are missing critical links in actually solving this problem. With PowerOLAP, Forecasts can easily be formulated, for example, to increase sales by 2% in general for all products, and then certain items can easily be adjusted for at a different rate. Our goal is to make it fast and easy to do your job, so you can be effective and productive.

Synchronization is a key link that PowerOLAP prides itself on. There is simply too much information and too many people. PowerOLAP provides a solution that ensures everyone and everything remains aligned, instant and continuously in sync.

To take a deeper look into PowerOLAP or to download a free Personal version now, click here.


Curious about PowerExcel Personal?

PowerExcel Personal is a great way to get hands-on with a PARIS product.  You’ll get the most benefit from using it if you connect with us while you try it, so make sure to schedule your free call without support team and get properly installed today!