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PARIS Technologies, Inc., Partners with BiTQ, Brisbane-Based Experts in BI, Analytics and Data Science

March 16, 2020

PARIS Technologies, Inc., the leading developer of Visionary Intelligence software, has partnered with BiTQ, an Australia-based firm that implements a range of expert solutions to address large data and analytics needs. “We count ourselves lucky to be working with BiTQ,” said PARIS’s Director of Channel Management, Jack Guarneri. “The staff at BiTQ recognise the critical importance of providing top-notch planning solutions to their customers.”

BiTQ is motivated by a fundamental belief that expertly managed data today determines the strategy, and ultimately, the success of an organisation in the future. “PARIS Technologies fits right in with that principle,” said David Smulders, CEO of BiTQ. “Our purpose is to make data useful. Our expertise covers all aspect including Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Science. By adding advanced Planning solutions, we are able to enhance the customer data success journey, just as we do with the likes of other tools like Power BI, as an example.”

BiTQ has been a solution partner for some of Australia’s most recognisable public and private organisations, including various Queensland Government Departments and Agencies, Victoria State Government, global mining organisations, large credit institutions, universities and other education houses, NFP’s, clubs and even small bespoke businesses.

“As varied as our customers are, they have different requirements for planning, budgeting and forecasting,” Smulders remarked. “But they have something important in common vis-à-vis their data and the future: the need to create ‘what if’s’ and scenario plans to target success, and to measure performance along the way, whenever they want. They also need the ability to change course as quickly as possible, with new plan elements, or indeed entirely new plans. This accords with PARIS’s conception of Visionary Intelligence, and how they have developed software based on that concept.”

David and Jack both expressed enthusiasm about bolstering their presence in Australia and other markets where BiTQ does business. “We see the need all the time, one tip-off being overuse of Excel,” David said. “We can offer alternatives that scale up to meet their most complex processes.” Jack added: “We expect to do much more for customers in Australia with David and his expert team.”

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PARIS Technologies, Inc provides a suite of software tools that quickly and cost effectively increase insight, collaboration and efficiency throughout the organisation.
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BiTQ’s purpose is Making Data Useful! The company believes that the power of data is changing the world; YOU have the data to radically change YOUR business; YOU have the data to own YOUR destiny. BiTQ can help YOU do so much more with YOUR data.
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