OLAP in the Cloud

Quick access to all your business metrics from a multidimensional data model.

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Welcome to the new age of OLAP.

PARIS delivers OLAP solutions as a cloud service, providing all the features you need for multi-dimensional analysis packaged with consulting services from our expert team of OLAP developers to help you build your models and get the most out of the technology.

Initial setup of your multidimensional models

New to OLAP? Accelerate your on-boarding and get the most out of OLAP with the help of our team that ensures your multidimensional models are setup according to best practices.

Scalable solution designed to grow with your organization

OLAP in the cloud lets users experience true multidimensional analysis without the need for large initial investments. Start with a simple model and build more as you learn and grow.

Ensure user adoption by utilizing your preferred user-interface

Deliver OLAP’s analytical outputs to tools users already know and love like MS Excel, Tableau, Qlik, etc. Our live bi-directional connection lets users manipulate and interact with data in real time.

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Full OLAP Capabilities in the Cloud

Build multidimensional models from your relational database or any data source that quickly calculate and aggregate complex formulas.

Our OLAP technology enables true dynamism from the data source to your preferred user interface without the need to replicate or stage data, allowing data to be changed bi-directionally.

Create a connection among existing systems

OLAP functions as a nexus between different systems, giving end-users the capability to utilize meaningful information that’s calculated from massive lines of detailed system data.

Intelligent drill-down into cubes and transactions

PARIS’ OLAP solution maintains live connections with 3rd party systems (not based on replicated data) enabling intelligent drill-down into cubes, with corresponding drill-through into relational transactions, at the same time eliminating any possible data integrity and maintenance issues.

Complete OLAP analytical features interfaced on Microsoft Excel

PARIS’ Excel plugin brings multi-dimensional analytical capabilities in native MS Excel, enabling users to combine both functionalities for optimal reporting and analysis.

PARIS’ OLAP technology offers bi-directional connectivity which enables users to write-back values into the OLAP cube from Excel which is particularly useful for planning and forecasting processes.

Foundation for reports and data visualizations

Using OLAP to populate reports and data visualizations built on end-user tools (such as Tableau, Qlikview, PowerBI, Microstrategy, etc.) ensures consistency and timeliness of data across all dashboard views, regardless of your organization’s preferred tool.

PARIS’ advanced OLAP technology also enables fast computation of complex algorithms not constrained by RAM limitations, which is typically the case for in-memory visualization products.

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