Ease of Use and Transparency:

FRx and Management Reporter are overly complex to use. This is cake compared to that.

Live and Dynamic:

Stay connected to your database.  Always work with the latest data.

Use Excel with a Powerful Database behind it:

All the comforts of Excel plus a big boost of a powerful calculation database

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Use Excel, the natural reporting interface, with LIVE data.  No need to forgo the capabilities that FRx and Management Reporter provided, just the headache!

Live Reporting. Fast, Flexible, and Efficient

Reporting Manager Live is a live Excel reporting application. At its fundamental core, Reporting Manager Live serves as an FRx or Management Reporter replacement. Business professionals can now use Excel to create, maintain, deploy and view financial statements or other reports in a much more graceful way than with FRx or the Microsoft Management Reporter.

“It is a modern tool for accessibility, collaboration and mobility, it’s about time!”

“The competition can not begin to compare to Reporting Manager Live and it is affordable–it’s a no brainer.”

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