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Infographic: Big Data and Predictive Analytics History and Trends

Big data is here to stay and Predictive Analytics is the way to stay ahead of the game. Ever wondered how we got here and were we are going? This really cool infographic by FICO shows some breakthroughs made over the centuries to make Predictive Analytics and the insatiable need to make sense of our data what it is today.

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How to Transform Data into Intelligence that Promotes Growth

Most businesses have the ability to capture data from customer transactions and day-to-day operations, and through research. However, the significant problem after accumulating data is how to turn the data into intelligence that can improve the bottom line. A major issue that businesses battle with when analyzing data is TIME. With so many other crucial activities it becomes difficult to allocate time to analyzing complicated data. This situation is even worse when a business has to battle with limited resources, including staff constraints. Then, too, there are cases when different departments must consolidate data into one critical report—an extremely cumbersome process.

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5 Business Intelligence Project Mistakes to Avoid Part 4: Inadequate Training

Insufficient Training For Business Intelligence projects to be successful it is important that users: both IT and end users feel comfortable with using the implemented solution. Solution: All users who will be directly using the BI software solution need to be trained and have access to up-to-date manuals to help them get acquainted with the product.

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Mobile Business Intelligence: Must Have or Nice to Have?

Mobility in business intelligence (BI) has gone from being a nice-to-have option to become an ultimate necessity for many businesses. Organizations that choose Business Intelligence solutions with mobile features could gain a competitive advantage over others with the ability to make informed decisions.

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