Coming Soon! Reporting Manager Live: an FRX and Management Reporter Replacement

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Budgeting, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analysis, Data Management, General BI and Data Management, Reporting, Reporting Manager Live


The PARIS Development team has been hard at work creating this new product. Reporting Manager Live™ is designed to deliver report writer results in a very graceful way. What we’ve learned is that using report writers is a painful process, and one that, frankly, people can live without.  This new product will deliver data sets, ranges, and segments LIVE from the database in Excel. It meets the standards set by FRX and Management Reporter, and then blows them out of the water with speed and ease-of-use.

What sets Reporting Manager Live™ apart from predecessor products, like FRX and Management Reporter:

  1. Ease-of-use and Transparency
  2. LIVE and Dynamic data
  3. Uses an Excel environment with a powerful database behind it
  4. Speed
  5. Reduces the load on SQL server and the ERP system
  6. Productivity — helps people in IT get things done faster

Reporting Manager Live™ will be offered on a subscription basis at $19.95/per month for each user.

Keep your eyes peeled for more! Soon there will be a new product page on our website, a product video, and more.

If you are interested in more information as it comes, or in being one of the first to take advantage of this new product offering, fill out the form below, and let us know!

Curious about PowerExcel Personal?

PowerExcel Personal is a great way to get hands-on with a PARIS product.  You’ll get the most benefit from using it if you connect with us while you try it, so make sure to schedule your free call without support team and get properly installed today!