How can You Leverage Existing Software Applications?

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Big Data, Budgeting, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analysis, Data Management, General BI and Data Management, Olation, Reporting, Software



“I have 10 different software applications, why can’t they work together seamlessly?”


Well, they actually can. How much more could you get out of your data if all of your different applications could communicate and collaborate together, 24/7? How many different tools are you currently using? Can you imagine a world where you can open any one of them, or even many simultaneously, and have all of your data right at your fingertips? Better yet, in real time, actual LIVE data continuously updating?


While this seems too good to be true, it’s not. Olation was developed to solve this problem. Olation is a platform or “hub” for connecting software applications, sources and people. Olation simultaneously holds your data in flat, relational tables AND in an analytical data model with all your business logic applied. So, whether you are using Excel, SharePoint, Tableau, QlikView, Crystal Reports or SQL Server, Olation can act as the communication source. It provides you with a real-time, in-memory, analytical database that takes the limitations of the relational database away.


One might ask, “What are the major benefits that I can expect from Olation?”
Lets lay out some of the key benefits right now:

– Increased end-user productivity, collaboration and morale
– Major ROI, plus leveraging existing user skills
– Planning, budgeting and forecasting analysis can be done with unlimited, flexible reporting

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