Imagine providing management with the comfort and guidance to run the business.

Imagine what you and your team can do with collaboration.

Imagine having a customized planning system quickly.

Imagine having a data expert by your side.

Imagine it done now.

PARIS SaaS Solutions

Subscribe to PARIS Solutions with premium service. Experience rapid ROI with a custom PARIS solution.

Finally make data intensive processes like YTD reports and rolling forecasts easy and accessible.

Hosted or on-premise, we do the heavy lifting for you by building a scalable, flexible model that can grow with your business.

Run outcome-based business models from consolidated data across systems. Improve efficiency and accuracy in reporting, planning, forecasting, and analysis.

Leonardo® Suite

Ideal for Enterprise Implementations

Provide C-level with live dashboards and analysis of their vision, while simplifying data management for both IT and Finance departments.

The Leonardo Suite provides subscription report distribution, integration with relational sources, web-based spreadsheets and dashboards, dynamic data model to blend actuals and plans.

OLAP in the Cloud

Ideal for OLAP Beginners

PARIS provides full OLAP capabilities in the cloud available as a service to ensure that your models and cubes are done right. Get the most out of OLAP with our expert consultants guiding and helping you build multi-dimensional models that are optimized for best performance.

Sales Forecasting

Ideal for Sales Teams and Leaders

A Sales Forecasting model that provides sales reps a view of their performance and goals, and leaders a comprehensive view across any sales dimension – reps, channels, product categories, geography, etc.

PowerExcel Teams

Ideal for Finance teams to do collaborative planning

A multi-user experience though the familiar Excel interface consolidates spreadsheets and eliminates errors. The PowerExcel offering includes a dynamic OLAP data model, which accesses data directly from the source  but provides a flexible environment for analysis.

Rapid Financial Modeling

Ideal for companies running SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, or Sage, Intuit Quickbooks.

This service provides a flexible analytical model from your existing ERP, which can be easily customized to fit your financial modeling needs.

Hubspot Deal-to-Cash Flow

Our experimental app is ideal for Hubspot sales managers to predict revenue over time.

The Cash Flow app takes information from Hubspot Deals, transforms it into a multi-dimensional Sales Forecast model that users interact with in Excel.