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Collecting and Analyzing Data in Sports is Here to Stay

Millions of dollars and the hopes and dreams of sports fans worldwide now more than ever depend on Big Data. Collecting data, crunching numbers and generating detailed reports is now a very big part of every sports franchise. No longer does all the action take place on the field, track, pitch or court.

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What Benefits can you expect to see from PowerOLAP?

You asked, so we answer! "What benefits can I expect to see from PowerOLAP?" When considering a Business Intelligence tool, the most important thing to ask the solution provider is, “What key benefits will I get from implementing this solution?’ Well, here are the...

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How can You Leverage Existing Software Applications?

  “I have 10 different software applications, why can’t they work together seamlessly?”   Well, they actually can. How much more could you get out of your data if all of your different applications could communicate and collaborate together, 24/7? How many...

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