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Whatever you need to do with your data, our business software applications help make it happen with no limitations.

Data Visualizations

It’s not just about looking pretty.  Data Visualiizations are only as effective as the quality and timeliness of the information behind them.  Our IDS dashboard solution can directly provide information via the web to a range of platforms or devices. A key feature is the ability to write-back data directly to data sources allowing for instant dashboard updates for everyone.

BI Metrics Engine

Set a foundation for your Business Intelligence tools with a metrics engine that allows you to manage your numbers consistently, ensuring you get accurate information across all dashboards, reports, and analytical tools. Seamlessly blend historical data with budgets, plans and forecasts, and instantly display on-the-spot spreadsheets without the need to upload every time. Works with PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, or any other 3rd party software.


A business is smarter with a plan. But a smart plan can only be created with accurate and timely information.  Our write-back enabled business intelligence software technology allows you to set future business goals based on real time data from your data sources. This allows for rapid what-if analysis and the creation of multiple scenarios to determine the best courses of action that align with your vision. 


In the modern business environment the gains to be had from analysis are often subtle. To find those valuable percentage points, it’s important to have analytics based on detailed information rather than just high level aggregates. Our solutions have high performance aggregation and calculation features for in-depth analysis for less obvious trend discovery that drive profitability. 


We provide true self-service reporting.  Create the report you need at the moment you need it.  No queries, no waiting, just the answers to your questions. Our multi-cube technology solutions presents information in a logical way to answer almost any business question. Hands-on discovery features enable you to readily slice-and-dice your data and present detailed reports as quickly as you can think of them. 

Data Management

As your business grows your data grows. Increasing data sources and applications can create a complicated information management system. Our software applications are aimed at streamlining your data management system, making it easy to manage multiple data sources and end-user applications with ease through real-time data distribution and instant integration.


Our high performance aggregation engine takes the pain out of the forecast process.  It enables you to create detail-level forecasts with an extraordinary degree of speed and efficiency. Our software applications create predictive data models that combine your actuals and user-entered data from many sources in real time. Accurately predict future revenues, costs and market changes in an instant.


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